about PHI derived from PRECISION HIGT - TECH INDUSTRY, on behalf of the PHI with PRECISION, high-tech, industrial products.The PHI is the Greek letter, representing the value of the golden: 0.618.PHI to precise positioning principle of the golden products, adhering to the Taiwan products high quality, cost-effective high-quality goods quality, to help companies, partners and customers to achieve maximum benefit, achieve win-win situation.
PHI Fanhai Seiko committed to precision drive components research and development, manufacturing and sustainable development. Complete product lines, including linear slide, ball screw, linear modules, linear bearings, screw support seat, coupling, etc., for the precision machinery key components, the supply of machine tools, EDM machines, Cutting Machine, plastic Injection molding machines, semiconductor equipment, precision positioning and other various types of equipment and machines. High-tech sophisticated manufacturing technology and stable quality control, making the product deeply won the trust of customers in various industries and markets.
PHI uphold Taiwan's high-quality products, cost-effective boutique features to help companies, partners and users to maximize the benefits and achieve win-win situation.
In order to better serve the Chinese market, PHI set up a production base in mainland China in Ningbo in 2015, and actively explored business locations and sales channels.